If you want to return a part of your order, we will issue a new Credit Voucher, or a refund to your Shukran Pay wallet. The rest of the amount will be refunded to your Credit or Debit Card.

This could work in the below manner: Imagine an order with three products worth KWD 20 each, having a total value of KWD 60. The order was paid for with a Credit Voucher or Shukrans worth KWD 30 as well a Credit or Debit Card. If you return two products, your refund of KWD 40 will be split between a Credit Voucher or Shukran Pay, worth KWD 20 (refund of KWD 10 for each product) and a Credit or Debit Card refund worth KWD 20 (refund of KWD 10 for each product).